Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots as a zero-dimensional semiconductor nanocrystals are a nanopales with a particle size smaller than the Exciton Bohr radius. Furthermore, the quantum dots have the characteristics of the light emitted according to the size and shape of the particles, making them possible to control the emission, thereby absorbing light from a given area into a light source. ODTech combines Group II- IV and Group III-V Quantum Dots using the calloid process, offer various light emit wavelength and Ligand as customer's purposes

  • Display
  • - Photolumescence(PL) Type, Electroluminescence(EL) Type
  • Lighting and Illuminations
  • - High Efficiency and Energy Saving
  • - High CRI and Glare Free
  • - Flexible and Design Free
  • Medical Devices
  • - IN VITRO Imaging
  • - IN VIVO Targeting
  • - Bionalytical Assays
  • Others
  • - Photo Diode, Photo Voltaic, Laser
Products List

Product Color PL Wavelength
Cd Base QD Red 500~540 < 28 Cdse Core
Green 600~640 < 24
Cd-Free QD Red 600~635 < 48 InP Core
Green 510~540 < 45